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Well done everybody, we've made it to the final week!  Thank you so much for your support in making this period of home learning work.  It's been a funny few months(!), but it's been so great to see the hard work that has been going on.


This week, Year 4 are off the hook!  This week in school, we would have been doing end of term activities, writing memories and practicing for our leavers' service.  In a slight change to normal events, we're going to be enjoying our 'Pinkery comes to us' activities instead!  I look forward to seeing  the Year 4s there on Thursday.


Year 3, I haven't forgotten you!  It's a light week this week though.  I've just added the White Rose maths activities, but feel free to explore the Oak Academy website we've been using the last few weeks if you wish. 


Over the Summer, your number one job is to relax and enjoy some family time!  Just a gentle reminder though that bug club and TT rockstars are still available over the holiday if required.  If you need anything over the 6 weeks, you have my email, though I may be much slower at picking them up during the holiday!


I'm going to try to ring you all before we break up on Friday, but if I don't manage to catch you, have a wonderful holiday and I'll see you in September.  Year 4s.... see you Thursday!


Miss Sparks

Hi everybody!


Below are the links and resource for this week.  As with last week, I won't be sending out paper copies, but if you want to come and pick some up from school, you are more than welcome.  


Maths this week is white rose. Year 3 and Year 4 are both continuing to look at shape and measure.  Literacy is the next week of your booklets.


For Science and geography this week, I have found some lessons and activities linked to the water cycle and space!  The links are below.  The space topic is strictly speaking, Year 2, but having spoken to the children at school they didn't think this would matter and encouraged it as a topic anyway!


As always, any questions please do get in touch.


Miss Sparks

Hello all!  Below are the activities for this week.  We won't be posting resources this week, however if you would prefer a paper copy of these resources, please ring the school or email me, and we can organise a time for you to come and pick them up from school.


Maths is continuing with the white rose worksheets - we've moved on to shape (Year 3) and data (Year 4) this week.  In literacy, you will be carrying on with your booklets from last week.  A few parents have been in touch to say they hadn't finished the previous booklet - please don't worry!  Carry on at your own pace. 


Below is also a link to the Oak Academy's science lessons (listed about half way down the list).  This has lessons all about plants, which would have been our topic this term.  In addition, I've added a link fr history lesson (again, lessons can be found about half way down the list) all about Henry VIII.  We don't usually do the Tudors, however I thought this might be a good opportunity for the children to look into a very interesting (and gory!) piece of history.  

Year 4 Memories


It has been so lovely to invite the year 4s back this week to spend some time together before they move on to their new school.  They have written their memories of their time at Timberscombe, and even though they haven't been able to do their traditional Leavers' Service, they still wanted to share them with you! smiley


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This week, we hope to get physical copies of the resources out to you.  These include paper based resources, wellbeing activities and a new exercise book.  We hope this will give you the little boost you need for the final stretch this half term!  Ideally, if you could come and collect these packs that would be great.  Just give us a call at school to organise a pick up asthen we can avoid too much 'traffic'.  If we don’t hear from you after a couple of days, we will endeavour to get the packs to you, though this will take a little longer as you would imagine.

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